Sample linestring vertices directly from a point cloud

I recall this somewhat being discussed prior but I do not recall the outcome of the discussion and a quick search is not yielding what I’m looking for. Anyway;

Is it natively possible in TBC, or is a TML available (or in the works), that can sample linestring vertices elevations directly from a point cloud (as opposed to a surface sampled from the point cloud) at a given sampling distance?

I think this would be useful and if the ability doesn’t already exist, I envision the workflow to be something along the lines of:

  • select or create a linestring in the desired horizontal location
  • provide sampling distance that the command uses to create the vertex along the linestring and assign the elevation of the closest point from the assigned point cloud.
  • use project cleanup to eliminate the un-needed vertices at the tolerance selected.
  • best fit a VAL

One thing we are looking at is for both sections and profiles along section lines or profile lines is the ability to automate the process of creating a boundary around the xlines or profilenwith a width value and then using that boundary to extract a pointbcliud region and then to model the point cloud region to create a slice surface using all the points from the point cloud and then drape the xline or profile line onto the surface slice to create a 3D line and then to filter that line based on a vertical tolerance setting to reduce unnecessary nodes and eliminate spikes to create a clean 3D linesting for each profile or section to assist creating feature lines for projects from scan data.

While you are asking to do it from the points - I think doing it from super dense surface data that uses all the points is going to derive a very similar result

We will see