Points to CSV Improvement

Hi Alan,

I’m trying to get a simple CSV file for conformance points to a linestring that also includes a Cut or Fill value. I’ve noticed that the Points to CSV TML works for chainage and offset but only to an alignment and it doesn’t include a height difference.

Does the reference line need to be an alignment or can this be improved to work with any linestring?

Thanks - Ben

Let me see what I can do on this Ben


Assume that you want similar to SCS capability - specify an offset tolerance a high and low tolerance- select colors for High and Low and in spec and then run report - select base line(s) and then points - do we need option for a HAL for stationing / real chainage, and then do you also want to label the points in color coded text for those that are out of tolerance with an offset label and a delta z label as well as a point symbol and also run the output report . Do you want to compare to 3D string or a surface ?

Do we also need to compare a measured string to a design string or is it points only to string?

Let me know


Check out the New Label Points command and also the soon to be released Point Detail Report.