Select by Linestring and Offsets

I have an idea for a TML that would be a spinoff of the crop crossing TML.

This would allow you to select a linestring and put in offsets or choose left and right linestring, choose start and stop for a portion of the line or allow the whole line, very similar to the crop crossing.

Additional options
• Entities only fully in area or partial entities
o Left hand drag select vs right hand drag select
• Change opacity of shading
• Invert command
• Maybe an option to relayer with a relayer list? If too tricky, save for a later date
• Apply, OK, Cancel (Same as crop crossing)

Make sure to select everything text, linestring, etc all the good stuff.

Use case:

This would be extremely useful for cleaning up alignment based projects. Specifically from pdf data.

This would also be useful for matching up sheets with a match line because you could quickly select and delete the erroneous text that is usually on the side you want to merge to another sheet.