Setting up and Installing Your TML Library

If nothing else, all TBC Users should download and install the TML Status command from

TML Status provides a fast and easy way to manage your Trimble Business Center Macro Library, keeping it up to date as macros are improved or enhanced as well as when new ones become available to you from Trimble, Rockpile Solutions (Licensed commands) and other TML Vendors as they come on line.

TML Status once installed, requires that you have a Trimble ID. We use the Trimble ID to validate your registration with and to connect your licensed TMLs to you personally.

If you do not have a Trimble ID Click Here to create one now.

Now that you have your Trimble ID, within Trimble Business Center

  • Go to the Support Menu, Select Options and then External Services - Profiles.
  • You need to establish a Trimble ID sign in Profile using your new trimble ID credentials (email address and password). Enter your email address and password, then tap Sign In.

This will establish a permanent Sign In to Trimble Software from within TBC, that will facilitate use of the TML Status command.

Restart TBC to update your settings and lock them in, as well as to make sure TML Status is installed completely.

From the Toll Shed Macros Menu or Macros Menu (depends on your menu setup in TBC), run TML Status. It will first check your Trimble ID to authenticate you, and then it will prompt you to complete your registration with Rockpile Solutions. Fill in your name and company and then open each of the two documents (Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement and Rockpile Solutions Privacy Policy ). You can now complete the process and then TML Status will run for the first time.

TML Status will now list all registered TMLs for you and allow you to download them to your computer. TML Status places all the TMLs in the correct location automatically. Note the Trimble TMLs are often free additions to your personal TML library whereas the Rockpile Solutions TMLs are licensed under a subscription agreement.

All TMLs are only usable if your TBC License is the Survey Advanced Edition or Higher.

The TML Status, when you run it again at a later date, will tell you that there are new or updated TMLs and will allow you to automatically download and install the updates.

If you are a member of our Beta Program for TMLs, you may get access to pre-release versions of the commands to help us evaluate their performance. TML Status allows you to select to Run the Beta or Current release Version of the commands.

When you run a command that is out of date, TML Status will tell you that there is a newer version available. Running TML Status will then allow you to update the TMLs that are out of date.

Grab TML Status (Click Here) now and better manage your TML Library and open up a world of enhanced productivity!


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TML Status Instructions

The Video below shows you how to set up and configure the TML Status Command as well as how to set up your Trimble Connect / Trimble ID External Service Profile.

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