Reset RPS Menus

Upon a new TBC install and setting my ribbon from the user profile manager, i cannot get RSP menus to display. Normally i would go to RPS Menu Manager, but that states it is not available. What’s the trick here? Thanks

Best bet when you do any update of TBC is the following - One of our challenges is that the Trimble team insist on shipping some old, out of date versions of TMLs that they initially created when I was at Trimble that we have been improving and maintaining for 3 years now. The new versions use all of our centralized controls like Show Direction, our Layer control, New Layer control etc. and the old ones do not. So when they install those, they throw errors at start up because they are incompatible with our latest set of tools and controls.

  • Install the Update version of TBC
  • Download and install the latest package of our command library from our website
  • Make sure that TBC is not running (no instances)
  • Install our package of commands that you downloaded
  • Run TBC
  • Set up your Trimble ID in Support - Options - External Services - Profiles
  • Log in to Trimble ID
  • Run TMLStatus - if needed run it from the command line (F12 to get to Command Pane)
  • Accept all the updates presented
  • Update TMLs
  • On completion close TBC, wait about 30 seconds and Restart TBC. The 30 second wait is needed for TBC Versions after v5.7 because TBC can hold onto TML Command Program Files for 20 to 25 seconds after you close TBC, therefore they are not released and cannot be overwritten by the versions that you just updated.
  • Once TBC is started, we recommend that you go to Tool Shed, Menu Manager and select Reset RPS Menus and Refresh Icons to complete the setup

You should now be good to go - if not call me on 720 323 0481 and we will work out what is not right on your end to get you moving.

Let me know how you get on.


Alan this worked like a charm, back up and running. Thanks for the walk through.