Slope Design --> Dynamic?

It doesn’t seem like this command is as dynamic to changes as the Vertical Design tool? Curious if I am missing something. If not, could this be an added functionality? That way if I made changes to a ditch flowline I wouldn’t have to rebuild the whole slope over again.
Thank you

At this stage Thomas it is not Dynamic - that was deliberate at this stage while we get the tools to perform well in all the scenarios that people want to put them in.

Dynamics are both good and bad - in this first pass we wanted to get the computations right and the lines created and not have to be concerned with the dynamic nature and what that entails - we are adding quite a lot of complexity into the calcs through use of Point Creator (that drives the locations of the calcs) and the Optimizer (that updates the computed lines after creation to smooth them and return them to Arcs etc.) as well as transitions (slope to slope or elevation to elevation transitions etc.).

We do plan to add the ability to make the results dynamic, once we feel that we have all the calcs working in all situations.


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