Slope Slope Intersect Command in Corridors

Is there an equivalent tool or work flow to the Slope Slope Intersect Command for use in the corridor template work flow? I would like to be able to automatically calculate and adjust subgrade shoulder PIs for perpendicular offsets to a final grade. I’ve tried the slope slope instruction, but it fails to generate the type of node necessary for the second perpendicular offset.

The Slope Slope Intersect Command appears to do what I am looking for but would require creating the corridor then creating the subgrade via plan lines.

I apologize in advance if this topic has previously been covered.

The slope slope command in the Template Editor for Corridors doesn’t do perpendicular offsets like the slope slope intersect does.

I would use the Slope Slope intersect to compute the required 3D lines, add them as Reference Lines into the corridor model and then use the displayed nodes in the template editor to construct what I needed in the corridor model.

Hope that this helps - if not let me know and I will try to record a video for you


Thanks Alan!

It will work.

It would be nice if the TBC slope slope instruction in the corridor templates allowed you to offset the slope perpendicular to the second slope. It would be a simpler process and the fact that it might change dynamically when revisions come through would save a ton of time.