Smooth Arc Line - Match HAL-VAL

Please see attached, I know there is an easy way to get the line shown of edge of Sidewalk to match the HAL-VAL that is adjacent to it but I cannot figure it out, does anyone have any tips or tricks?

I, myself use the “side slope” command to achieve the vertical curve in the offset line work.
here is a screen shot of a job I’m working now. the yellow line is the HAL and to the right are two magenta and green lines that were slope/offset from the HAL You will want to create new layers for the side slope lines and/or template. Once you finish with what your offsetting, then you would want to "explode the side slope line to be able to relayer the “CAD” line so its not linked to the “side slope”

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Do you want the sidewalk to be at a 0% cross slope to the alignment - is that what you are asking for here

You can use Vertical Design or create sideslope from the alignment or you can use our Slope Designer tool or multioffset line tool to create a line parallel to the alignment at the slope you want eg a x slope of +2% or a slope of 0% etc… You cannot use the offset line and guarantee the result will be correct as that only elevates the offset line at the points where the source line is elevated and the fact that the offset line can be longer or shorter than the source will create potentially erroneous slopes between the lines.

Tools like Sideslope or Multioffset line or Slope Designer tackle the elevations by computing the slopes at regular intervals along the line so you will get a better result.


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Perfect! Thats exactly what I needed thanks.

Is there a way to then elevate the line by cross section without losing the smooth arc of the original HAL-VAL? The customer is using side slope correctly but then needing to adjust elevations by cross section, this causes the line elevation to no longer smoothly transition from elevation to elevation. The original HAl-VAL follows the crown, he is offsetting for the sidewalk and the cross sections vary each 100’ so the offset with a 0’ delta does not suffice. He has to then adjust for each cross section.


Elevate lines by Intersecting Lines - use the sections to define the intersecting lines and use the lines you want to add elevations to as the lines to be elevated.

You cant do that if you are using Vertical Design, but you can if using Sideslope or Multioffset line or Slope Designer.

With Sideslope you are better exploding the sideslope object to create non dependent linestrings if you want to further elevate them using the intersecting line command.

With Vertical; Design - if you do the elevating that way, then copy the elevated lines to a new layer - those lines are not part of the Vertical Design and then you can elevate those using the same Elevate lines by Intersecting lines function.