Vertical Design-Alignment

I have an alignment that is part of my vertical design. It will not show up in the vertical design, but it shows it in the list of lines in the design under the lines tab. Also having an issue where the alignment is locked. I need the alignment to hit the edge of pavement slope at the intersection. How do I go about this without changing the vertical geometry of the alignment?

Where the alignment starts as a 3D line and you have it locked then you need to edit the VAL of the alignment to add in a grade break where it crosses the EP of the main line - you cannot fix that in the Vertical Design itself.

When you say it shows up in the lines list but won’t show up in the vertical design what do you mean - are you sure it is a 3D line and that it is included in the l I need list - if yes to both then I need to see it to understand the issue better