Sta/Offset Points will not actually create points

It doesnt do anything really. Point number will not advance so points arent being created and are just hidden. All other free tmls are working fine. Using TBC version 5.32 and Commands 4.1

I can call you Monday if needed to take a look at this with you - I have just tested with 5.31 and 5.32 and it appears to be working fine for me OK in all versions. You may have a data related issue - if you can send me the data and what you are trying to enter as Station and Offset I can take a look at it again.

Maybe if I can see your PC screen while you are doing the work I may be able to see what is going on


I think I have it solved. The routine only works on an alignment that has H&V data assigned to it. I was trying to run the routine on a Horz only alignment.

You are right - I have added a fix to our system requests today to have that addressed

Thanks for letting me know


Thanks for the quick reply and willingness to help :slight_smile: