Start with a Really Good Project Template

When you are going to be converting imported CAD and PDF Section Data to 3D Linework, you are going to want to place each type of information on different layers, and in some cases you will split data that is on one layer into Top, Bottom and Vertical elements etc. Having a project Template that is set up to do this automatically, that has all your naming, colors and Lineweights all preset is key to success.

As a minimum you are going to need layers for the following

Grid Lines
Elevation and Offset Text
Station Labels
Existing Ground Sections
Finished Grade Sections
One or More Subgrade Surfaces
Overexcavation Surfaces
Median Islands
Barriers and Guard Rails
Retaining Walls
Right of Way Lines

You may also need layers for Demolition Surfaces or Strata layers etc. as well.

When you have converted the imported CAD or Vector PDF data into 3D Linework, you are going to want to have all of the data on separate layers to make it easy and fast top select in order to create surface models. There are a number of preparation steps to go through in Plan View / Sheet View prior to converting the data into 3D linework. These will be covered in a separate set of videos. We are building out TMLs to assist in automation of this process.

If you are going to need to add your own Station Label text and elevate the 0 Offset Grid Lines and Elevation Grid Line in order to do the 3D conversion (because the imported PDF data has no text to work with, then you are going to need an appropriate Text Style defined in your Template to use for Station Labels (e.g. Top Middle justified and of appropriate font and text height). You may also want to initially separate the Horizontal Grid and Vertical Grid lines so that you can more rapidly select and elevate them (using the 0 Elevation for Offset Line and Actual Elevation for Datum line trick). You will pull the Grid lines together onto a single layer when you are ready for the 3D conversion process.

Anyhow - getting the template setup is an important step in the process. I have enclosed a Metric and US Feet template here that you can start off with. You will find a set of layers prefixed with CADXS- in the Layer List as well as two Layer Groups for the Grids and Labels and the Section Data. I use these in my videos.

US Foot Template

RPS - CADXS - US Feet Cross Section Conversion.vct (77.8 KB)

Metric Template

RPS - CADXS - Metric Cross Section Conversion.vct (57.8 KB)

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