Surface Densify issue

I am in the process of creating a corridor for two U-Turns at a bridge underpass. When I densify the corridor surface, It will not densify correctly around the arc linework I referenced. Is there something I am missing besides adjusting the Breakline Approxi to 0.01’?

here is a screen shot along the arc.

There seems to be a glitch. I just changed one of my linestrings surface sharpness to sharp and texture.( I used for my instruction) That made a big mess in the surface trimesh. I ended up deleting that surface and creating another finish surface after I changed the linestring sharpness to sharp. This also fixed my densify issue.
****this may have been caused by the CAD arc. After doing a edit is when it fixed the problem. The reference lines I used from imported cad data.


It is hard to say whether what it did was right or wrong from a couple of screen snaps

When you have a warping of a surface between two lines, and you say densify to get an accuracy, it has to add data into the surface to get the warping correct to the tolerance that you specify in the densificaton settings.

The additional Red Breaklines are not necessarily wrong, while they may look “messy” they could well be right - you have to look at the two lines and what they are doing in that area and also look at the surface and the slopes of the surface to determine if it is doing it right or wrong

Densificaton relies on the alignment being truly curvilinear and the template elements being defined correctly - instructions and slopes and reference lines etc. as well as superelevations etc that may have been applied. It then takes your tolerance for hz and Vt densification and determines what it needs to do to the TIN to make it meet the design criteria and the tolerance you specify. In situations where there are surface slope warpings going on, and especially where the two lines are not equidistant then it may have to do something like this to get the result needed.

I have seen it do this and get it right and I have seen it do this and get it wrong - but the source data and output result is always needed to determine whether it was right or wrong and then we can get engineers to take a look at the data to work out if it could be done better.


hey Alan,
got tied up and was now able to copy my bad data to have you look it over. OKAY, I had to erase my imported data and re-import that data. I took a look at that data and did the fix I thought would fix it and yet it did not. which was convert the CAD line to actual linestring. still corded at 25’. So, file is saved with the re-imported CAD data and should show up with 25’ corded curves. I missed with this twice and somehow got it corded to my breakline setting. I have my filter saved with all the data need to be look over.


this one that was done in the file above i was able to get to densify, which when i did the opposite side
u-turn i was not able to get it to densify. For a small run i just changed the sampling distance and that does the fix.