Gaps in my corridor model created from a surface

Why am i get gaps in my corridor model create from a surface model

The corridor is unable to calculate the curves from the used surface. Is there a a reason why your using an existing surface for a corridor instruction? To fix this, click on the template under corridor and select the property for that template. Then you will want to change the template setting ( I can’t remember that setting name right now) this template. This will allow you to change the interval of the surface which is like densify. With that round about change it to 1.0’ and go lower if you have to. This will not be an exact copy of your surface which will be close for a report.

I have been trying to duplicate one of my past projects where i used the surface instruction and had gap. I can not find one to duplicate. One other thing to try is if the original surface was created from 3D lines. Do over ride segment length and make them shorter or possibly add points along those lines at a small interval then add to the original surface. The corridor is trying to draft its own surface coming off the registered alignment by 90 degrees.

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Check out this post that tries to explain this situation


Fantastic Alan, at least I now understand what was going on.

Is the a better way to do this by splitting off the side roads model along the corridor for a mass haul calculation? and create an earthwork import export to those areas?

That is how In would do the side roads - each becomes a volume of Import or Export - I compute the Cut Fill for the side road or process it as a second mass haul and then import from the main line or export from the side road and import onto the main line if I need the material - if I dont need the material I waste off the side line mass haul.