Takeoff Lines Command - Coming Shortly

We have started to wrap up the next release of the Rockpile Command Library - this release includes a number of great new tools that we will showcase in video form here on the Rockpile Community, on Linked In and on You Tube. There will be a complete update release package put out next week that includes all of the great new improvements.

In the video below we show the new Takeoff Lines command - this makes it easier and faster to digitize or create 2D or 3D linework from CAD, PDF or manual processes. Key features include

  • New Rock Grips - allows use of the Grips while the command is open and running
  • New Reverse Line - allows you to switch ends of the line quickly to enter data from both ends of the line
  • Integrated curve fit control - allows you to create curves on the fly while entering linework
  • Integrated elevation control - create 3D nodes, 2D nodes or 1D (VPI) nodes fast and easily
  • Number of nodes control - create 2 point or 3 point or 4 point etc. lines with auto new to save key clicks
  • Auto close - recognize a manual close out on the start node or auto close after x nodes have been created for polygon creation
  • Elevation Formula - reduce data entry by adding a constant base elevation to all 3D points, reduce data entry by adjusting elevations by a fixed amount or enter elevations with fewer digits and no decimals and have the tool compute the correct value for 3D locations
  • 2D Mode - create 2D lines with no need to skip elevation data entry
  • 3D Constant Elevation - create constant elevation lines and input a single elevation on the first node of each line created
  • 3D Multiple Elevations - Enter, Select, Adjust or confirm elevations for each node created - adjust pipe elevations from manhole rim locations or create flow lines from top back of curb lines
  • 3D Multiple Elevations - If you click a 3D location, it is auto accepted and created - no pause to confirm, but if the selection location is 2D then it is smart enough to ask for an elevation
  • 3D From Surface - trace linework and extract elevations with or without formula adjustments from a selected surface model - e.g. Water mains at 5 foot below finished grade surface or trace pavement areas onto finished grade directly as 3D lines.

What’s more - we also added quick links to commands like Break, Join, Trim, Extend, Append Tracked, Offset, Edit, Edit Linestring and RPS Settings to the command header and integrated the commands fully to pick up on the line currently being edited with this great new tool.

I think this one is a game changer, we had some of our top users contribute to its creation and I believe that you can say in one command for hours, and save huge amounts of time with faster access to all controls needed and way fewer points and clicks than ever before - I think you will love it - I know that I do - but them again I am biased!

Post you feedback below - we are working to make your lives easier!