Takeoff Lines Improvements

We have added the following functions to Takeoff Lines

  1. Added the Delete Line Segment command to the header commands
  2. Added WASD as pan keys while working in the command
  3. Added N key to start a New Line
  4. Added Override Segment Length checkbox so that created lines do not get subdivided when added to a surface
  5. Added Extend Vertical checkbox so that you can control whether this property of a linestring is enabled or not when creating lines
  6. Added Autopan option so that as you get close to the screen edge the graphics area will pan automatically

Could you add an option to hit ā€œCā€ or some other key to close out the current linestring?

You have the option for auto close if you are creating a bunch or areas but sometimes you may be toggling between areas and linestrings.

You can already hit N for New Line which closes out the current line. If you have AutoClose enabled then on hitting N it will close the last line and start a new line. If you click the first point of a line it will also close the line and start a new line.

I think this covers the request?


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