TBC - Managing Surveyed Surfaces for RPS Earthworks

TBC - Managing Surveyed Surfaces for RPS Earthworks

A surveyed surface supplements the data collected by the GCS900 machines during production.

A surveyed surface can cover a very large area, and can update multiple currently operating work orders based on the portions of the surveyed surfaces that fall within the work order boundaries.

A surveyed surface is delivered into the production database at a specified date and time horizon. At that point in time it is considered the latest information for production operations. When a machine passes over any point of a surveyed surface after the specified date and time the machine data is again considered the current state of the surface.

Surveyed Surfaces are managed using the Earthworks Work Orders command in TBC from the Surveyed Surfaces tab in the command.

Surveyed Surfaces Tab

Surveyed surfaces are elected and uploaded to the RPS Earthworks system from this tab of the Earthworks Work Orders command.

The surveyed surfaces tab dialog looks as follows

In the top section of the command you can see the list of surveyed surfaces that have been uploaded to the RPS Earthworks system previously. The list shows the following information


This is the surface name in TBC for the surveyed surface

Survey date:

This is the measured date and time of the survey. This is the date and time at which the surveyed surface will be inserted into the production database of the RPS Earthworks system. This value is populated from the Measured Date property of the surface that you select.

Upload date:

This is the date and time at which the surveyed surface was uploaded to the RPS Earthworks system

Modified date:

If the surveyed surface that has been uploaded to the RPS Earthworks system is subsequently modified by TBC the date and time of the last modification will be captured and flagged here. If the uploaded surface is changed then there is a possibility that erroneous data has been introduced into the production model. We recommend that you select the erroneous surveyed surface in the list and then click the Delete selected survey surface button to remove it from the production model. You should then upload a new version of the surveyed surface to correct for the modification that was made.

Delete Surveyed Surface:

To delete a previously loaded Surveyed Surface, select it in the list and click the Delete Surveyed Surface button.

Note that when you change or delete a surveyed surface from RPS Earthworks, every Work Order that is affected by that change has to be fully recomputed in order to update all of the production volumes and burndown charts. Note that RPS Earthworks computes a status for every Work Order for every hour of production from the start date of a Work Order to the current day, so this can generate a huge amount of work for the RPS Earthworks System which can cause lag / delays on use of the system. Changes to Surveyed Surfaces should be avoided if at all possible to mitigate this issue.

Add surveyed surface:


Select the surveyed surface that you wish to upload to the RPS Earthworks system from the surface list pull down. Note that surfaces in TBC have properties. Surface properties include the surveyed date and the surface creation / last modified date. These properties are automatically assigned when they have been set on the surface. If you select a surface where they are not set or where they are set incorrectly you can correct or apply them here.


Select the boundary that you wish to use to constrain the surveyed surface that is uploaded. to the RPS Earthworks Manager. There is no specific need to constrain the surveyed surface, however drone flight surveys tend to cover a larger area than being worked, and there is no need to upload a surface larger than necessary to the RPS Earthworks system.

The date and time of the survey will be automatically extracted from the surface properties. All TBC surfaces have a measured date property that should be completed prior to selection for upload.

We appreciate that a survey may take some time to complete, however because we are not tracking the surface on a point by point basis, we ask you to set the time of the survey.

The date and time is used to insert the survey surface into the production database. You should be consistent on how you apply the date and time between surveys. If the surveys are carried out at times when production operations have ceased (lunch breaks or pre / post shift or at shift change, then selecting these times for the survey is easy because the surface did not get changed by machines during the survey. If the survey was carried out over e.g. a 2 hour period while production was in progress, then placing the surveyed surface at the start of the survey period, at the middle of the period or at the end of the period will have a small effect on the production over that period of time, however that is likely to be inconsequential in the big picture.

There is no right / wrong approach here, if you are consistent in the way that you apply this parameter, you will get a consistent effect on the volumes over those periods of time where surveyed surfaces are being applied.

Upload surveyed surface button:

Click this button when you are ready to create and upload the surveyed surface to the RPS Earthworks production server. As surfaces are being uploaded, the Results pane will show the progress and success / failure of the upload operation.

Command Tips:

The command tips provide hints to you as a user on how to use the command where tips are useful. The tips are supplemented by pressing the F1 key to access this help document and video.

Video Demonstration:

The following video shows you how to use the Surveyed Surfaces tab of the Earthworks Work Order command