TBC - Setting Up Your TBC System for Use With RPS Earthworks

In the following video we will show you how to

  • Download and install the TPS Command Library for Trimble Business Center
  • Setup and configure your Trimble ID
  • How to Log In to Trimble ID
  • How to update your RPS Command Library using the TMLStatus command
  • How to configure your TBC system so that it can connect to the RPS Earthworks System using the RPS Settings command
  • How to test your RPS Earthworks System connection


The RPS Command Library is a licensed set of tools for Trimble Business Center. The project deliverables for the GLK mine project include the following tools only

  • Earthworks Website Command
  • Earthworks Work Orders Command
  • RPS Settings Command
  • Rockpile Custom Controls
  • RPSShim Controls

In addition the GLK package has free access to the following additional commands that are a part of the RPS command library

  • TMLStatus
  • Menu Manager
  • Getting Started
  • Rockpile Website
  • MyRockpile Community
  • MyRockpile Library
  • MyRockpile Training
  • LinkedIn
  • Rockpile YouTube
  • Rockpile Instagram

There are a number of other free to use TBC commands within the Rockpile Library, if you select a command that is licensed and your license does not cover it’s use, you will be advised that you do not have a license to run the command.

The MyRockpile Community is the host platform for all of the GLK Mine System help documentation and training videos. The button MyRockpile Community on the Tool Shed menu will take you to the community home page. From there navigate to the section called RPS Earthworks System. Within that section you will find 4 sub sections as follows

RPS Earthworks - Earthworks Documentation
In this section you will find full documentation for the RPS Earthworks Application. RPS Earthworks and Trimble Connected Community are installed on GLK servers and are accessible through a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

RPS Earthworks - TBC Documentation
In this section you will find full documentation for the Earthworks Setup and Configuration for Trimble Business Center. You will also find full documentation for the Earthworks Work Orders command including how to create and upload Work Orders in Trimble Business center as well as how to create and upload Survey Surfaces and Aerial Imagery map layers.

Documentation is also provided for key TBC workflows including

  • Creating and uploading linework, polygons and text information to RPS Earthworks Map Layers
  • Importing imagery, point cloud and digital design data
  • Transforming imported data from North Azimuth to South Azimuth coordinate system
  • Extending digital design information for use in RPS Earthworks System

End User License Agreement (EULA)
The RPS Earthworks System is covered by the End User License Agreement (EULA) you can find a copy of the EULA here.

Support Documentation
As you start to utilize the RPS Earthworks System, it is likely you will have questions or that we need to capture notes to describe a process or method of working for you. This section has been created as a communication hub where you can post questions and receive answers from the Rockpile Solutions team. Our goal is that this site will provide you with all of the information that you will require for a successful deployment.

Command Help

All of the RPS Commands have inbuilt help that is also hosted on the MyRockpile Community. To access the help for any command while running the command in Trimble Business center - Press the F1 function key. The correct help page for the command will be opened in your browser. All help documentation incorporates a detailed description of the command and its controls and settings as well as a tutorial video that shows you how the command works.

Video - Trimble Business Center Installation and Configuration Workflow