TBC - GLK Mine Menu System

Below you will find an example menu configuration developed to support the TBC workflows for the RPS Earthworks System. This menu is an extended version of the standard RPS menu configuration for Trimble Business Center.

The menu ribbons include an additional menu ribbon named GLK Mine Tools.

The menu ribbon contains several groups of commands as follows


This group provides the tools required to convert imported North Azimuth data into the required South Azimuth coordinate system for RPS Earthworks and the GCS900 system.

Create Point
Georeference Image
Georeference Scans
Georeference Designs
Image Boundaries


This group provides the basic CAD tools to create the linework objects required for the Linework Map Layers process

Rectangle / 3 Point rectangle


This group provides the functionality required to work with the 3D CAD data provided for the surface design process.

RPS Explode Solids (Requires an additional RPS License)
Explode lines (Requires an additional RPS License)
Smart Join (Requires an additional RPS License)
Surface Tie
Create Side Slope
Slope Designer (Requires an additional RPS License)


This group provides the functionality required to build surface models for use in GCS900 and RPS Earthworks

Create Surface
Surface Members
Edge Breakline
Surface Boundaries
Surface Texture


This group provides the commands that support the RPS Earthworks system specifically

Plotbox (required for imagery workflows)
RPS Settings - Controls the setups and URL paths for the RPS Earthworks System
Work Orders
Earthworks Website

To load the menu configuration

  • Go to support menu and select customize ribbon
  • Select Import and browse for the menu file downloaded below and click Open
  • Click OK

Menu Configuration Download

Download the file from the link below. Once downloaded move the downloaded file to a safe location on your computer e.g. \Documents\TBC Master\Menus\

GLK Mine Menu System.bin (4.1 MB)