TBC to Works Manager - Siteworks Emulator - Round Trip

I recorded this video this week once I had worked out how to use the TBC to Works Manager functionality and then on to Siteworks and back. In this process we have evolved a setup that can be deployed successfully to show the Round Trip Process or to learn how to use the system components

Trimble Business Center - Works Manager Command Set
Works Manager / Trimble Connected Community

I will add some extended videos to cover the Earthworks portion of the workflow next week when I get a little more time. In the process of recording the video I have captured the Gotchas that I saw and have submitted those to Trimble for review. Sometimes using Emulators on the same computer can throw up issues that would not exist with the real workflows where the Siteworks system is running on an entirely separate computer. I will be testing that over the next few days, however I was trying here to create a single PC solution that could be used by people to test out the product and the procedures required in different scenarios. The video covers the worst case scenario with Shift Grid Projection System and Geoid Model use in the Coordinate System.

I hope that you find this helpful, would be interested to hear how you are getting on out there in the real world and whether or not you are seeing the same issues as I encountered with the Emulator setup.