TBC Too Smart? - Takeoff - Text with numerical Values alters surface

I have seen this before and I think I just found a trend. When you add text to a takeoff layer that has a numeric value, it looks like TBC uses this and adds it to the surface. Is this by design? I think maybe because of spots grades? In my case though it is creating bad results because I have 6 in the text and everything around this is in the elv 60s.

Takeoff works by adding all 3D objects on a layer to the surface created by the layer categorization. If text includes a numerical value it can be interpreted as a spot Grade if it is on a Design or Original categorized layer. A piece of text placed in 3D can also be used as a spot Grade.

Recommend that text is placed on layers that are categorized as Other or Unused or Unknown in the sense of a Takeoff Categorization.

This has been the case since Day 1


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I knew it would recognize the 3D but didn’t realize it would interpret the numerical values. Useful and explains why I would fight with this sometimes.

I’ll have to make duplicate layers for just text.