TBC v.5.52 Released Today

TBC v. 5.52 now released.

TBC v5.52 includes the following feature enhancement:

  • Trimble web services – Security for Trimble web services has been enhanced to provide safe, continued support for these services.

TBC v5.52 fixes the following issues:

  • VCE project files saved in TBC v5.5X sometimes failed to open in older versions of the program, even when using a workaround that allows you to open a newer project file (pressing Ctrl + Shift while
    dragging-and-dropping the VCE file into a TBC graphic view).
  • Mobile Mapping single-run registrations performed with a geoid provided inconsistent residuals and
    a wrong Sbet (Smoothed Best Estimate of Trajectory).
  • Users who had upgraded to TBC v5.51 may have encountered an error when initially starting the program.
  • An ambiguous message (“There was an error generating the alignment data for publishing.”) appeared when publishing a machine data overlay and alignment to WorksOS. The message now
    informs you that “An emulator for the specified machine and software version cannot be found:”.

With this update, Trimble has opted to support Trimble ID authentification for TBC editions 5.3 and higher only. If you do not have 5.3 or higher at this time, please update your program. The decision to support Trimble ID authentification within TBC is solely that of Trimble. If a TBC update is not available to you, please consult your local Trimble Dealer representative for your options.