Trimble Business Center v5.31 Released Today

The latest release of Trimble Business Center v5.31 released today. The release notes can be found at this link Click Here

Notable Changes in this release for construction include

  • The Corridor Model now has a comment Instruction that allows you to put “Breaks” into the instruction lists so you can easily find areas of the corridor model (Left Side, Right Side, Subgrade, Sideslopes etc. The comment places a colored instruction in the list and also provides a Collapse / Expand section function to reduce the length of the instruction list you are working with. This is a great addition for all those roadbuilders out there.
  • The generation of Cross Sections now allows you to add smart text into the cross sections that shows Volumes of the corridor from the current section to the previous section. The volumes reported are unadjusted for shrink and swell and for alignment curvature correction.
  • The generation of cross sections has been further enhanced for the European Style sections with Tables. You can now label the Datum Line of the sections and the height of the label boxes has been refined to improve presentation. Kink lines have also been improved so that they can kink Left and Right further improving the presentation of the section data.
  • Custom Utility lines like Arch or Elliptical Pipes were not printing - this has been addressed in this release.
  • We added the ability to use the Mirror command in the superelevation view, allowing a superelevation or slope table defined for the left side to be mirrored for the right side.
  • Georeferenced PDF Sheets can now be moved, rotated and Scaled like any other object. This helps when you do your estimate based on a local origin, then win the project and need to move the data to it’s real world location. The Move, rotate and scale commands now make this fast and easy to do.
  • We added a Zero Area Tolerance to the Project Settings - Computations - Surface which allows you to define the thickness of the Zero Cut / Fill band for your computations and reports.
  • Label Style improvements were made to allow Polygon Label styles to label polygons with attributes defined on the point objects that define them. You can add =Attribute Name in the User Defined field to pick up the attribute contents for labeling purposes. We also added the ability to add “By Object” to the layer list selection control - simply select Layer 0 and it will be treated as “By Object” to place the label on the same layer as the source object.
  • The corridor Earthworks Report has been enhanced to report volumes in boundaries where the boundary shape in the past caused erroneous volumes to be reported e.g. horseshoe or irregular shaped boundaries that created gaps in the sections within the area of the boundary line.
  • The Clip Lines command has been enhanced to make it faster in certain scenarios where it was a little sluggish to perform.
  • Some minor enhancements have been made to the Convert CAD Cross Sections command to cover yet more corner cases encountered.
  • We have added a Block Editor that allows you to open a CAD Block and edit its content. On saving the edits, all instances of the Block in the drawing will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • The CAD Blocks now have a property that references the Block Name. You can select a different block from the list of Blocks in the project if you want to change the representation at the point to a different Block…
  • Support has been added for the Siteworks for Android product line data structures and connectivity methods.
  • The Machine Data overlay command has been enhanced to allow the point clouds created to be de- densified to a lower resolution prior to download and import into TBC. This makes the point clouds smaller and easier to work with for updating site models based on production data. The machine data overly had a failure in TBC v5.3 which has been addressed in this release.
  • The sideslope command has been enhanced so that you can now define a Start and End station for the active range of the sideslope object for situations where you only want to compute the sideslope over a specified area of a source line.
  • The SCS900 / Siteworks Work Order viewer now fully supports VCL Design files.
  • The rebuild command has been added to the right click context menus for contours and alignment labels
  • The Command Line interface that was introduced in TBC v5.30 caused a number of issues with a number of CAD commands, where the focus of the command was disrupted, and also the sequencing of steps in the dialog were disrupted - these have been rectified to where they were in TBC v5.21.
  • CAD linework linestyle scaling has been updated to work with the latest AutoCAD standards, as a result Pan and Zoom actions with CAD files displaying complex linestyles now works many times faster than prior releases of TBC.
  • We added an Evaluated Text option to the Properties of Advanced Select so that you can search through Smart Text results to find text that meets a specific criteria set e.g. looking for Negative values so you can change their color to Red or Blue etc. (search ^[-] for text starting with a - or inverse that to find text that doesnt start with a - sign for example - great for coloring or changing text style for data labels for presentation purposes
  • The Station, Offset, Elevation report has been updated to report points that fall outside the limits of the selected alignment up to +/- 50m from the ends of the alignment. If you have elected to report Delta Elevations, these points will not report Delta Elevation values.

This release should hit a sweet spot for many users as it contains a lot of improvements and fixes that should increase productivity and data understanding as well as the quality to produce great drawings faster.

Great work the TBC Development Team.