Terminology Issues With File Flipper

I have logged in some comments to Trimble around Terminology Issues in File Flipper as for me I either missed some options or was confused - anyway here I am capturing what I am seeing

You have the following Options on Selecting Files and Running the Conversions

Surface Models - This is self explanatory and is OK - these become the SVD of the SVD / SVL pair and become the Surface in the DSZ file for Earthworks

Linework - This is the slightly confusing part for me. Linework comprises two Parts Alignments and Design Linework. Both go into the SVL of the SVD/SVL pair or the Linework section of the DSZ file. The Terminology in the Web Flipper uses the following Terms

Linework = Alignments
Site Map = Design Linework

There is also a Site Map function in GCS900 and Earthworks - this is a Linework File that is visible no matter what Design the Machine has Loaded - it is a Background Map and the linework is not selectable, however in File Flipper the “Site Map” means the active Design Linework for the machine operator to select for guidance.