TML's a la carte

Can you purchase individual TML’s (nudge line), or do you need to buy the entire “toolbox”?

We don’t separate out the individual TMLs unfortunately, you need to purchase the Toolbox that contains the command(s) that you require. The Nudge Line command has been updated and will be released along with a major TML update from Trimble and Rockpile in a couple of weeks time that we are working on currently wrapping up.

The Nudge command will provide the ability to nudge lines as it does today, but also nudge nodes in section lines automatically determining which nodes need nudging to fix surface model flags caused by nodes that are vertically separated.

Depending on your use case, that updated Toolbox (RPS Modeling Toolbox) will also have a fantastic new tool called Geometric Selection that was initially designed for Cross Section Takeoff work, but has many applications - it allows you to sort through large numbers of pages of cross sections imported from PDF selecting data that is currently on one layer using Geometrical properties in any combination using Length, Number of Nodes and Aspect Ratio of the lines to make a selection set that can be stored as a Script for reuse. There are two modes for the command - one to sort through the data to find linework and an easy way to move it to your desired layers, and a second mode to convert Polyline Text characters into real text strings that can be used as Station Labels and Elevation / Offset Labels to scale and place sections imported into the Sheet View from Vector PDF files. This command is hugely productive, I used it on a 200km road job in Asia recently and it handled hundreds of pages of sections in hours vs the days that it would have taken me otherwise.

There are many other new tools coming in this release.

As an FYI, the prices and packaging will be changing at the time of this release, so if you are thinking of investing, it will likely be cheaper to invest today than in 3 weeks time.