Utilities export to IFC (Navisworks)

I’ve created 3d utility lines/objects and would like to export it IFC file for designers who use Navisworks. I can import an IFC file no problem and when I add my 3d utility objects to it for export it recognises them… However… when I re-import the IFC file only the original objects come in and not my new 3d pipes that I exported…HELP! creating 3D utilities is awesome but no good if I can’t share my data.

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No easy way to do this presently

My work flow is export to TrimBim file
Re import file
Then explode solids using RPS command, the select object and export to DWG

or export to Landxml then import network in civil 3d then export to IFC

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Be careful importing to Civil3d because if your library is not setup perfectly you could run the risk of losing data. This is one of my big griefs.