What editing is possible in the linestring Profile Viewer?

I often get asked how to edit profiles of linestrings to create the design required and to improve the profiles of pipes or for the improvement of curb returns vertical shape etc. The videos below show some of the tips and tricks around editing linestrings and using the profile viewer in combination.

Here are some “commonly missed features” that are useful to know

Within the Profile Viewer (accessed by right clicking a 3D linestring and selecting Profile Viewer), you can display surfaces also by right clicking in the profile view and selecting Surfaces - this gives the surface selector and allows you to turn on the surfaces in the same way that you do in the Surface Slicer view.

You can use the Explore Object in the Profile Viewer. This gives a readout of the cursor Station and the Line Elevation at the cursor location in real time. If you click anywhere, the explore object will give you other information about the line at that location including its slope etc.

If you select to Edit the linestring while the Profile Viewer is open, you can interactively edit the linestring using the Plan or Profile Viewer views. However the only time that the profile viewer is active is when you select the Distance Along (Station) or Elevation fields of the editor. When asked for an elevation you can enter a value, you can click in the profile viewer or you can use the linestring editor capabilities like Vertical Curves, Vertical Arcs, define the vertical using Incoming or outgoing slopes and use the linestring editor right click snaps to extract data from the profile view (See the video)

While Snap markers are not displayed today in the Profile Viewer, they are active and do actually work when you snap on a line in the profile viewer - check that yourself by turning on Near point Snap and turning off Free Point Snap and see that clicking on the line to add a VPI does in fact extract a distance along and elevation value from the line. Unfortunately at this time you cannot snap and extract elevations from the surface profiles displayed in the Profile Viewer

I hope that the videos below may be useful