How to create a new profile for regrading of ditches

This question came up today relating to how to create new profiles from surveyed points taken along an existing ditch profile working as close as possible to some “design criteria” for min slopes and maximum Cut or Fill objectives.

  1. The min slope required is 0.03%
  2. The Mac Cut that ideally they want is .03 to .04m however more is sometimes required. I am not sure yet whether they always want to cut, or whether some degree of Cut and Fill is also OK. The example shared shows mostly cut - I am asking for clarification.
  3. They want a smooth flow profile, today at least they do simple grade breaks and no vertical curves in the profiles - however we could easily add vertical curves if needed since they are using machine control so cutting curved profiles would be possible if needed.

The video shows how to

  1. Import the csv file of measured points
  2. Use the Connect Points (Linestring from points) command to draw the current profile of the ditch
  3. Edit the line to get it as needed for the process
  4. Use the line to create an alignment of the Ditch Profile (HAL and VAL)
  5. How to create a Profile View and then exaggerate the profile greater than 20 times using CTRL SHIFT ALT and Wheel Mouse
  6. How to create offset lines high and low of the current ditch profile to give the +/- 0.03m guidelines
  7. How to add the High and Low tolerance guidelines to the profile View of the alignment using CreateProfileProxy
  8. How to create a second vertical alignment for the Ditch Profile Revision
  9. How to draw and edit the profile of the revised ditch grade line
  10. How to create a corridor from the new Ditch Grade Line
  11. How to interactively edit the Ditch Grade line to adjust the corridor

This process leads to the creation of a surface model that can be given to the excavators as either a 3D Alignment or as an alignment and surface model for grading guidance / automation.