What's your favorite computer monitor?

I have a BenQ 35" curved monitor. I like it, but it feels a little small when you are trying to run TBC & Google meeting at the same time. Curious on everyone’s monitor setup. Debating on a 40" curved or possibly 2 - 32" flat panel monitors side by side.


Dell UltraSharp, x3, as big as you can afford!

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I use two 27’s and a 17 and generally love it

I’m a fan of these two Dell 32" Curved 4K-S3221QS, albeit not in a bright environment. more screen space than a single 40 ultrawide.

Wow having one that’ vertical is a great idea.

Grady, the perfect setup doesn’t exis… Damn that’s awesome

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I live at my screens all day long - and the more real estate the better. I have my work set open and plenty of room for disruptions without having to reposition everything.
And since its detailed and up close, pixel density is important - I don’t want to see ‘dots’ forming letters. And of course, I need my primary monitor to be driver by the Nvidia graphics card while text/forms/email is fine using the native Intel graphics.

So in this situation I really like 4k resolution. I don’t do gaming so 60hz refresh is sufficient but my rig happens to do 120hz at 4k.

This Christmas I added an 8k, 75-inch as my primary monitor. Now the 65-in 4k is the righthand display. Its great but took a while to get the font sizes and defaults tweaked correctly.

The end result: 8k resolution is nice but the real nice park is the 8k screen. It turns out that 4k on the 8k display looks so much better than native 4k displays. If I had a good 4k graphics card I would be tempted to add an 8k-capable display just to get the ‘tight pixel’ crispness - setting 4k on my 8k looks so much better than the 4k on 4k next to it.

Here is my setup:

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Go big or go home is what I always say!