Printing Plan Set to Pdf

Is anyone have problems printing plan set?

I have no problem creating and printing to the plan set to pdf, but the file size is extremely large. ( 0.5 GB for about 90 pages)

The issue occurs when sending the pdf plans set to the printer, the file seem to be to large for the printer to handle the data.

I’ve tried to reduce the quality of the prints but it losses resolution? Any tip or trick without splitting down the pages

I always have to use Bluebeam to reduce the size of the pdf files. Other than that, I do not know.

When you print to PDF using the checkbox in the TBC function we output the data at high resolution and do not give any option to downsize that - I believe that we print at 300 DPI. If you want to downsize then if you print to a Printer and then use a good Print to PDF driver to capture the print output and send it to a PDF eg Cute PDF or similar, then you can set the DPI of the output to 120 or 96 DPI.

I have done some tests and there is a point at which the Print Quality starts to deteriorate, however I found that at 96 DPI I was still getting acceptable results - of course that will depend to some extent what you are printing.


Thanks, Alan will try that