Why can't I get the updated Reverse Line macro?

According to TML Status I have every available update installed for every macro, but my version of Reverse Line doesn’t have any of the newer functionality described in the online reference page for the command.

Specifically, I need to select every closed line that’s clockwise and reverse it, and I’m having to do it one line at a time because the version of the macro that I have only accepts one object at a time. I used Geometric Selection to isolate the target linework in a selection set, but I’m having to reverse each line one at a time.

The only factor I can think of is we’re still running TBC 5.6.1 because of the issues with 5.70. The installed version of the macro is shown as 5.70. Could we get revision history or minimum TBC version information added to the reference pages for macros so we can tell when a newer version of a macro just isn’t going to be available/compatible? I know we’re not the only people using older versions of TBC because of issues with the newer versions.

We were still finalizing testing - I have released it now for you


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Thanks! Loaded it this morning and it’s super-slick.

I’m unsure whether you released this early for me or if it’s released because the finalized testing has completed (this isn’t meant to nit-pick an unfinished product), but a couple issues I noticed:

  1. If the lines are members of a surface with Rebuild=auto, the surface re-triangulates after each individual line reversal. If there are 50 lines in the surface, the surface re-triangulates 50 times. Other tools, like Convert to Linestring, process the entire selection before dependent objects are rebuilt.

  2. Operating in ‘Closed’ mode doesn’t seem to recognize current line direction reliably - selecting a handful of lines that should already be CCW, the arrows show that they are indeed already CCW - yet the tool identifies some of them for reversal even though they already have the correct direction. See screenshots below.

Looking forward to trying out the other features when opportunity arises.