Working with Processing Sites (Earthworks Sites)

The use of Processing Sites in a Corridor Mass Haul provides a number of options for the mass haul computations. Here are a few items of note.

  • The processing site has to be connected to the alignment using a haul road. You cannot place the processing site on the corridor alignment and have it work, so always create the processing site off the alignment and connect it with at least a short haul road.
  • The processing site can be used for obvious processes like Rock In, Crushed Rock Out or Soil plus stabilization material In, Stabilized or strengthened soil out (increasing load bearing capacity or stabilizing soil for use (pH Content etc.). When you enter the Volume Ratio for Input and output, the output ratio can equal or be larger or smaller than the input value e.g. you could put in 1 for Rock input and 1.2 for Crushed Rock output.
  • If you are cutting a native material e.g. Material called 2B 2S (set up as strata in the corridor model) and you can use that material as a Structural Fill and as Normal Fill, but you require the 2B 2S to be used for Structural Fill first and Normal Fill second, you can create a process to split the amount of 2B 2S material on site into the amount of Structural Fill required and then the remainder as Normal Fill. Run the Corridor Earthwork Report to determine the amount of structural fill required, allow for the Shrink / swell of the 2B 2S material to bulk up the structural fill required, and then split the total amount of 2B 2S as a ratio of Normal Fill to Structural Fill i.e. if you have 100000 m3 of 2B 2S available, and you need 220000 m3 of Structural Fill, and you have to bulk that by 10% to allow for compaction (242000 m3) then you can put in volume ratios of 1 m3 input = 0.758 Normal fill and 0.242m3 Structural Fill. In this way the Mass Haul will take out 242000 m3 and use it for structural fill where you have defined that in the corridor, and the use the remainder as Normal Fill.
  • Note the Input and Output materials have to be defined in the MSI manager as either Earthen or Earthen Select Materials. If defined as Earthen Select materials, you must check the "include in mass haul analysis" checkbox for those materials.
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