Rock Cut Quantity from Ditch Widening

This question has been a training for a user where they wanted to design a new ditch profile for a highway in order to extract an additional amount of Rock Cut for use on the project.

The process started out by doing a design of the modified ditch section and tying the new ditch into the existing design for two adjacent roads.

Having done this they wanted to know how much additional rock cut they would generate from the new design. This video shows how to construct the corridor model to create the surface material layers such that the volumes of rock excavation can be determined.

The process involves forming additional surfaces from surface instructions that utilize elements of the original design combined with portions of the existing rock strata surface provided.

The key in these processes is to be able to construct a Top Surface that constrains the top of the extra rock cut, and a bottom surface that ties nicely with the top surface that constrains the material to be excavated.

The video shows how to use the Corridor Earthworks Report as well as a surface to surface volume report to compute the volume numbers. We also show you how to use Corridor surface models from one corridor to create a new corridor that is easier and simpler to look at in order to run your quantities

This video shows an alternative approach to computing the Rock Volume