Zoom to command for alignments

I would like to see a command that allows you to select an alignment from the project explorer and zoom to it inside the drawing. The Points have a center command that will center the point on the screen,


I just selected an alignment in the Project Explorer pane, then hit the Center button (previously added the button to my quick access tool bar), and the view moved to the end of the alignment at the center of the screen.
This works with linestrings selected in the Selection Explorer pane as well.

Hope that helps.


Good trick. This also works with pipe runs!

My only complaint with this trick is that if you have a rotation applied, the center command does not respect the rotation and will flip this back to a North-South orientation. It would be nice if it did respect the rotation applied.


I have Ctrl+Shift+X bound to execute the ‘Center’ command - makes it handy when I’m working through a list of objects in the selection explorer and want to center them in view. I’m able to cursor-arrow down through the list hitting Ctrl+Shift+X on each to verify. I’ve also noticed that when I have several objects selected, the command centers the selection. Helpful for when I’m cleaning up the CAD for a project and zooming to those odd objects off at extreme distances from the main linework, so I can inspect what they are and determine if I need to keep them.

But as Patrick notes, this command will immediately clear any plan-view rotation and reset to default. Since there isn’t a built-in way to reset the rotation, I have exploited this on occasion to clear the rotation back to default.

On a similar note, I would like to have a “zoom previous” command.