5.8 Update, Error 1704, FARO LS 1.1.905.1 (64bit) an installation for is currently suspended

I was attempting an Update to 5.8 and the process seemed to stall. I canceled the install.

now attempting any update
TCB Patch 5.70.1
TBC New Release 5.80

Both Produce the following Error.

Package Coordinate System Manager Error:
Error 1704. An Installation for FARO LS 1.1.905.1 (64bit) is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by the installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes.

When I choose to undo changes, the error simply pops back up.

How do I cancel the FARO LS Install completely or complete the install so that the TCB installs well complete?

I apologize this is the first error statement then followed by the error statement provided earlier.

I would try the following I guess if this was happening to me - apologies I have not had this happen to me so it is just an educated guess at this point

  1. Try Task Manager and see if you can find a FARO process that is running - if yes see if you can kill the process (hopefully you can). To get to Task Manager use CTRL - ALT - DEL and select Task Manager or click the Windows Command button in your Task Bar and type in Task Manager.

  2. If you manage to stop the process, you may have a half baked install of the Faro package installed - you need to see if there are any FARO installed programs in Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs to see if you can find any Faro programs installed - If you can I would remove them by running Uninstall on them

  1. If the above fails, you may want to backup all of your Custom Project Templates, Menus etc. for TBC and then run the Cleanup Utility to erase all TBC components off your system and start again. The Cleanup Utility can be downloaded from the Trimble Community at this link - you have to be signed in to get access to the page of the site.


I hope that this helps - we can only do so much to troubleshoot TBC installation problems, you may have to raise a support Ticket through your Trimble / SITECH dealer if the above doesn’t help - you can always call me to chat through it and I will do what I can to assist you.


Alan, No FARO process and no programs. Ran Cleanup Utility 5.8 install successful.
Thank you.

Awesome - thanks for letting us know - good to have you up and running again