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The Rockpile Solutions RPS Command Library is a growing list of commands that extend the use and power of the Trimble Business Center platform. We are committed to supporting the Geospatial and Construction communities with high quality, advanced tools that make you more productive, and help you to tackle any problem using Trimble Business Center.

We have broken down the RPS Command Library based on our analysis of the common work processes that occur in all of the disciplines that we support i.e. Surveying, Estimating and 3D Construction Modeling. We see the work processes as being very similar despite having some significant differences, and have structured the library into 3 Toolboxes that undoubtedly will get split into more groups as the tool kit continues to grow.

The Toolboxes serve the following key processes

RPS Data Prep Toolbox

Data Preparation incorporates the processes from Importing Data, through Sorting, Reviewing and Cleanup to Creation, Editing and Modification of data required for your projects.

Data Sheet: RPS Data Prep Toolbox (Dec 2020).pdf (173.2 KB)

RPS Modeling Toolbox

Modeling incorporates the processes for surface modeling, cross section modeling, corridor modeling to the creation of drawing output deliverables and reporting for QA and documentation purposes.

Data Sheet: RPS Modeling Toolbox (Dec 2020).pdf (208.5 KB)

RPS Tool Shed

The Tool Shed contains commands that provide valuable solutions to a variety of problems or data exports that do not directly fit into Data Prep or Modeling workflows. New commands that pioneer new work process areas will be added here initially while we expand our offering to a more comprehensive solution.

Data Sheet: RPS Tool Shed Toolbox (Dec 2020).pdf (75.4 KB)

Custom Command Toolbox Packaging

Please note that we do not offer individual command licenses, they are licensed in bundles. We have tried to keep the cost of the individual packages down to a low annual subscription price, to make it easy to purchase through our e-commerce store. If however you have a large number of users in your organization, and you would like to discuss a custom Toolbox, comprising a selection of tools, we are open to discussing that on a case by case basis.

Getting Started with RPS Commands

The document below provides you with all the information you need to download and install TMLStatus, configure TBC for RPS Command use, to download and install the RPS Command library and to register on the Rockpile Solutions website.

RPS Command Management and Licensing.pdf (936.2 KB)

Managing Your RPS Command Library License

The following video shows you how to set up and manage your RPS Command Library License. The video shows you

How to Register on www.RockpileSolutions.com
How to Login to www.RockpileSolutions.com
How to find your license information
How to add / remove users to / from your license
How to find the license key for your license to share with your user pool
How to get a Trimble ID
How to setup and configure your Trimble ID in Trimble Business Center
How to download, install and configure TMLStatus
How to run TMLStatus
How to use TMLStatus
Downloading and installing RPS Commands
Updating and installing RPS Commands

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