About the RPS Data Prep Toolbox category

At Rockpile Solutions, we see the Data Prep process including the following key steps, and we have packaged the RPS Data Prep Toolbox to align with these processes

  • Data Import / Ingestion
  • CAD and PDF Data Management
  • Layer and Layer Group Management
  • Viewing and Analyzing Data
  • Selection of Data for Editing or Modification
  • Modification of Imported Data
  • Creation and Editing of Data

On completion of the Data Prep Process you would naturally move on to the Modeling, Reporting and Output Process. That is addressed using the RPS Modeling Toolbox.

The RPS Data Prep Toolbox provides a powerful RPS Command tool set to supplement TBC Data Preparation capabilities. The Toolbox / Data Prep Process is relevant to Land Surveyors, Estimators and Construction Modelers

Example Data for Learning and Demonstrating

Download the zip file below and extract it to a suitable location on your computer if you wish to have example data to try out or demonstrate the RPS Commands in the RPS Data Prep Toolbox.

File 1 of 2 RPS Data Prep 1.7z (293.7 MB)

File 2 of 2 RPS Data Prep 2.7z (605.9 MB)

These files are zipped using 7 zip - you can typically open them by double clicking on them in File Explorer or by using Win Zip, if you have difficulties then download and install 7 zip for free from this link Click Here

RPS Data Prep Toolbox Pricing and Information Sheet

The RPS Data Prep Toolbox costs US$295 / Year (Subscription License)

Click the download link below to see the RPS Data Prep Toolbox Data Sheet

RPS Data Prep Toolbox.pdf (188.4 KB)

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