Alignments, how to copy several vertical alignments into one

While working on sections of an alignment, tried to combine all the small segment Hort and Vert Alignments into one, but appending does not seem to work properly. One segment will work fine, but when you try to copy/append up station the next H/V component, the Stationing/Elevation changes after it appends. Maybe I am missing a step.

Hello Marcelino,

Do you need these segments as an alignment? Are you using them for corridor modeling?

Yes, So basically, I have 1 long Alignment, to get started, I just created a short alignment with all its X sections data 100-200 with Horizontal data only. (No vertical for the moment) . Then Created a second short alignment say station 450 to 600 with Horizontal data only, then a 3rd alignment. All short alignments did not have Vertical sta and elev. Then once the vertical data was entered, I now wanted to combine all short alignments into one long alignment by using the Append command in the Alignment editor.
It does work but when you add the next alignment the stationing is wrong.

Hope this helps.


I have attached a video example for how I would merge your alignments together. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Works just fine. thanks!

Nice demo Shane - Great work