Area and volume by colour in CF-map


I dont know about the rest of the world but in Sweden we are very interested in knowing the area of cut on a rock surface where the cut is 1m or less. We also want to know the volume inside this area. i know that TBC has a surface report and also volume by depth, but they give me the wrong numbers. I have been discussing this in the Trimble TBC forum for 2 weeks with the result that TBC will give me the correct numbers as long as i have one simple surface. As soon as i have a surface (rock surface from a drone) that goeas up and down it will give me islands inside my area. When this occurs TBC starts to count numbers double and it is a hughe problem. The Screenshot of my CF map shows cut between 0 and -1 as white and the rest is other colours. As you can see it gives me “islands” inside the white area wich gives me wrong numbers when computing. is A LOT OF WORK to do contour lines at 0 and -1, stitch them together and do new reports…it would be fantastic if it was possible to get the area from a colour for example, in this case white. And also do automatic boundarys around a colour from the CF map wich would give a solit line instead of non closed lines. The CF maps is already made so it should be possible i think, or?

Surfaces for calculation comparisation.vcl (6.5 MB)