Cut Fill Map Isopach Surface

Trying to figure out why cut fill map surface is displayed at an elevation other than its min/max elevation shown in it’s properties. For example, I did the following:

Created 2 surfaces
-Surface 1 @ Elevation (-25.00)
-Surface 2 @ Elevation (+75.00)
Performed Cut/Fill Map Routine
Isopach Surface is computed with Min and Max elevation of El. +100 { [75-(-25)]= 100}

The isopach surface is displayed at Elevation 75 but its properties say it should be at Elevation 100. Furthermore, if I use RPS tools to create point cloud from the surface and import the xyz file, the point cloud correctly shows up at Elevation 100…

What is going on?

Great question

In the Properties Pane for the Cut Fill Map there is a property called Drape Surface - if you have that set to yes - the CF Map color scheme is draped onto the Design Surface so that you can see the CF Colors at the Design locations. If you set it to No then it shows the CF Map surface itself at in your case Elevation 100 with the colors set at that elevation.

Hope this answers the question


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