Automated Data Prep Process for Curb and Gutter Slipform Paving

In the v4.0 Release of the RPS Command Library - released recently, we added a few new tools that totally automate the process of generating 3D curvilinear alignments in a format suited to 3D slipform paving machine operations for main line pavers and curb and gutter machines.

The command sequence shown in the video below is as follows

  1. Optimize linestrings - fits 3D (Horizontal and Profile) curvilinear lines to selected linework
  2. Explode Lines - breaks the lines at sharp corners (C&G Machines cannot pave right angle corners)
  3. Extend Lines - adds line extensions to assist machine guidance onto the line
  4. Export XML - exports data in the correct XML format for slipform paver machine systems

Initial users of the tool are reporting huge time savings in data prep processes - taking hours of laborious work down to just a few minutes through this automation.