Building Surface from Corridor Materials

I have built surfaces from the Corridor surface and switching the Material Layer surface. I then generate a surface from the bottom material. What I can not get straighten out is, How do I unreference the corridor surface? What happens when I switch the Corridor Material Layer back to finish surface. It changes my created surface from the bottom material to finish surface since its reference to the corridor surface.

I tried both “create surface” from the Material Layer and then “create subgrade” to create a surface to bottom material.

Alan saved the day. Clicking on the corridor properties and create surface prompts a window with choices of corridor material to pick so a surface can created.
The new post of Alan’s on the MSI subgrade surface add to corridor is also another one and I believe is new.
Thanks again A. Sharp

Someone asked a question on the Trimble forum on making a copy of the corridor surface. Then someone mentioned the offset surface. So I tried that just now to see if it is linked the the reference corridor surface. It is not. The offset surface will work great for creating a MSI so those surfaces can be dropped into the corridor with no other work.

Correction. Does not work as it floods the whole surface even if you add linestrings to surface. Will need to look at this method some more. Adding a MSI even misses with the Max Edge Length.

Using the Corridor surface to create MSI subgrade to use inside the corridor works great!!!
except that the MSI subgrade always creates a vertical line to the finish surface. It leaves a gap when you import that subgrade surface and still need to add an instruction to create that material. could RPS create subgrade MSI that do not have the vertical lines from subgrade to finish?


If you add both surfaces as reference surfaces and then look at the properties of the surface slices in the template editor - try applying the curve adjustment property

Also try changing both surfaces to type design so that they get treated the same way when being sliced .

The challenge is that the surfaces are generated by chording curved linework so if they have sectonal lines at the same stations they should match at those locations if they really do match - but in between sections in the model they likely don’t match - that is what the curve adjustment is for.

Send me the project you are looking at and I can take a look

For the vertical lines - they can be clipped to finish grade when you add the surface instruction to the corridor if the FG is wide enough - if not you can add an offset elev to the left and right end of FG to make it wider and then clip the subgrade to FG and that should fix the issue

This post covers the issue and resolution in some detail Frank