Corridor Strata Surface

I’ve been given serval strata surface what the best way of adding them to a corridor model

For Strata that will affect the volume calculations you mean or just to display the strata as a reference?

As a reference you can just add the surfaces as reference surfaces and they will display in the corridor model. You can tie to them etc. with instructions.

To use the strata as strata for volumes then you will need to use the Define Corridor Strata command and then select the Surfaces method and then just add the surfaces to the list and define the materials below each layer i.e. Topsoil below OG, then Soil below Soil and then Rock below Rock etc.

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Thanks Alan , Ill add the define corridor command to my menu, that is what i was missing

with the corridor strata is there any way of calculation the unsuitable material under a fill embankment, to be cut and removed

I’ve defined the material as unusable in the MSI manager, have serval areas where this occurs under the topsoil

You have to make it as a subgrade using a surface instruction. It has to be 100% below Finished Grade so if it extends beyond the Finished Grade surface you need to extend the Finished Grade to include some of the existing surface (use surface instruction with node to node offsets to add to finished grade surface - I sent you an example project on how to do this earlier - I will record a video for you on this today