CAD Block Issues

I am sometimes provided DWG files that have blocks of information that I can’t explode into the needed linework. How do I handle this issue?

What are the symptoms of "Cant Explode the blocks - are you sure that they arent nested blocks i.e. Blocks inside of blocks. I was working on a CAD file yesterday that required 9 levels of explode to break all the blocks down into linework - is that what you maybe seeing Brian?



See the link below for the DWG and PDFs for the project. There appears to be two large blocks and as you say the one “CAD Block Reference 19102-base can be exploded”. The other mostly the major road data at the top “CAD Block Reference 19102-sheff-sit” will not let me explode it. If I attempt to explode it without the delete blocks checked it shows 0 blocks exploded. If I check the delete blocks it just deletes all of the info. I am running version 5.32. Let me know your thoughts.


I was out of the office and just got your phone message. In the future try me on my cell first 843-602-1396. I will be interested to hear what you find out. In the mean time I ran the same DWG through Agtek and it exploded everything into the line work. The downside is it exploded even the storm structures into line work which is not exactly what I wanted. It is interesting how the two programs handle this function. I exported this new DWG and added it to the linked folder from earlier if you would like to check it out.