Cad cross section?

I tried my first complete create from CAD cross section. With improvement and more time behind the wheel, this will be a fast tool to complete cross section process. For all our take-off we add demo, plan,grading and at time phasing sheets. This will make my Import File list pretty large. As to not try it incase something goes wrong. Can I delete all my cross section sheets from the Import File list?

Is there any way to join a group of lines instead of doing one by one. I have existing that has big gaps.

From the cross sections you mean ie from one section to another - if yes then the track line edges will do that

If you have lines that eg run parallelish to the main alignment and they have gaps between sections that you have to join the only tools currently are project cleanup and join - you really would need an alignment based join function that sequences the joins based on station and left or right of alignment I guess

Sounds like a TML need

Send me a screen shot of the start point data so I can confirm the need


Screen shot from sheet view and plan view of the gaps. Some of the gaps I am not to worried about. Sometime i think as a survey tech when i should be thinking like a estimating tech.
The “track line edge” works awesome. This sure does beat having to create a surface then a edge line. I did have that question also just was going to use the surface edge line.

To join those lines you can select all of the lines on that layer (regardless of whether they need joining or not) and then use Project Cleanup and use the Join function and a distance greater than the biggest gap that you are trying to join. Project Cleanup is looking to join lines over gaps with a value less than the join tolerance where the join is close to tangent across the gap - perfect for sections - it will not join one section to another only two parts of the same section into one line with a straight line interpolation across the gap.


Somehow I tried that before my I post this thread. Even tried again and still was unable to close the gaps.

Check out this post Frank - It answers the question I hope

Not only did it help, also gives a explanation of how categorize works. Explanations clear things up and give more knowledge of what one is doing. The nudge was of the linestring was another question i had for the CAD xSections. I don’t know why I waited 2 years to try out CAD xSection.
So, I gave deleting the cross section sheets from the Import File list a shot. I see no missing data. I am assuming that once the line work is in TBC, we can delete the sheets from the list to save some file size and amount of data seen in the image group and the Import File list.

With PDF Section Sheets they are read and vectorized automatically, the sheets are actually not used once the data has been extracted and can be deleted. The PDF Sheets are stored outside the project so you will not see a big change in VCE file size as they are simply referenced to the project.

Nudge worked great on the sections once I got it working again - we are in testing some updates at present and that one had an issue till I upgraded it - so all good