Plan Corridor Plotting

Can I plot an Alignment plan of a Rail Corridor in parts on the same sheet similar to the below,

Preferably automated rather than placing Dynaviews


Screenshot 2021-11-08 095127|690x479

Yes - a plan and profile sheet without a profile will let you do this


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Sorry - my next dumb question -
How do I create two Plan Plots on the same page but automated ?
Sorry - part answered my question above - changing the Plan Height to a factor of 1/2 the Column Height (less the Vertical Separation) - is this correct?

If I turn all Referenced Lines off for the Profile it removes the Plan view too - I’m going to try putting it on a turned off layer

Is there a Workflow / Video already in existence you can point me to please

OK first iteration thanks I just need to tidy up Draughting - 22 km long job is a pain in the a** regenerating when changing / setting up Profiles - every Change regenerates - it’d be nice to have an Auto update turned off (or does that exist?)

I don’t think that you can stop the regeneration of sheets when you are making changes to the settings - the recommended approach is to use the Editor to get it close and then build sheets when you think you are ready - that way the regen only affects the station range selected in the editor which is minor. (Edit the Sheet Set level).


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