Cad Cross Section - Boreholes

Is it possible to show boreholes on cross sections? I know you can show linear objects that run along an alignment like utilities and fence lines but what about vertical components.

If not I am thinking I will make a surfaces for the boreholes to cheat this, object at the top and slightly offset horizontally for the the bottom.

You can show the strata surfaces but not the boreholes or the strata in the boreholes - they would have to be drawn in manually.


I was able to Houdini this together with some creative surface modeling.

Only thing I would have to manually add in is the labels now.

Is there a way to name sections? Even if I had to pull these from reference stations.


Nice work @Plheureux

When you say you want to Name a Section - what do you really want to do - is it just a piece of text you want to place at a section or something else ?

You can add Text to any Section - typically it is to add a similar label to all sections, however if it is just certain sections then you could add Reference lines at those sections to a corridor and name those lines and then add call outs at the top or bottom of the section and at any Offset above or below the grid lines or at an offset to centerline for it to pull the name up automatically - that is likely how I would do it if there are different sections that I want to label differently and separately


In this example I want to label the boreholes to make it easier to cross reference to the plan sheet. If I add text to generated sheets and rebuild, these will get wiped out. I am trying to find a way to label within the cross section editor so if any changes are made, the text will stay.

I am adding the reference lines and that is kind of working. Works for some and not for others. Not quite sure why but tomorrow is a new day.

It would be nice if you could select points and have this show up the points. Kind of seems like redundant work adding lines. But at the same time the points might be too small to be picked up with the cross section or profile.

Maybe a future TML that would apply a block ( cross):
Choose the alignment for orientation
Select your points to apply the blocks to
Would explode, name and elevate the lines based on the points
Add to an corridor as a reference

The cross for the block would allow it to be picked up on the profile as well. Maybe the option for a double block or a vertical line to be better visible on the profile view.

Does this work for profile view as well?