Can I increase the size of the cursor (Pointer BOX)?

Hi, Ever since I changed my monitors to 4K (3840X2160) the size of the cursor is significantly small and it’s hard to find it some times. And if I am presenting TBC on video conference the cursor is nearly impossible to follow. Is there a way I can increase the cursor size?

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I believe this is what you are looking for:


I agree with Richard, the pick aperture in the Display Options menu will allow you to change the size of the selection box next to your cursor.

Another area you may want to try:

As Richard shows you can change the color of the cursor as well as its size in options. If that still is not sufficient you can try setting your external monitor as your primary monitor rather than secondary- doing that will set all your screen resolution sizing off the larger monitor which should help this also.

Failing that you can get tools for windows that highlight the cursor so that you can see it easier - also you can try running your meetings at lower res by changing your screen res to 1920 x 1080 for the online session

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I’ve always changed the windows settings for the mouse to show inverted (the cursor automatically changes color to the opposite color of what its hovering over) as well as when hitting the CTRL button to animate where the cursor is. This works across most windows programs however in programs like CAD and TBC where the cursor is a cross hair or an icon like the selection box, you cannot invert the mouse colors so the CTRL function is ideal for some. Also, sometimes the people watching the video conference cannot find your cursor, so using the CTRL function to highlight what your presenting is a huge help in a video conference.

control panel → mouse settings →
pointers: scheme (inverted)
pointer options: visibility (show location when pressing CTRL key)


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