New Computer Issues

I recently got a new computer. Lenovo Thinkpad P16 and all my icons and menus are really small. I have messed around with the display resolution but can seem to get anything big. My Icons and snap buttons at the bottom of the screen are unreadable.

Any help would be appreciated


your “option” setting should help on the large icon. uncheck use large icons. quick search press the F12 button and then search options

Franciso is partially correct here

  1. Quick Access toolbar is controlled through Support Options - Use Large Icons for Quick Access Toolbars checkbox
  2. Custom Toolbars - you can use the RPS Toolbar Manager in Tool Shed Menu to reset the Custom Toolbar Icon Sizes or you can right click in the menu area, select Customize, then select Options and then select Large Icons on Toolbars to change those. They are managed separately to the Quick Access Toolbars
  3. Menu Ribbons - the type of icon and sizing is controlled by the Menu Ribbon itself. Your available screen size and your screen resolution will also affect the final sizing.

Your Screen resolution in your Operating System will control the display resolution and the size of text, however Operating System Changes will typically need a restart of your computer to take full effect - so while you are getting that set as you want, I would change the display setup and then restart / Logout / Login to get the OS changes in place before starting TBC to see the result. While some things partially update dynamically, not all changes happen directly, so you can chase your tail a fair bit trying to get that to work.

You can also affect the way that screen resolution and sizing work by choosing which monitor is your main monitor - if you select your laptop as the main monitor then it dictates the sizing and scaling, if you select a large high res monitor as your main display then it dictates the sizing of everything, and you can get very different results.

Let me know if you cannot get this worked out and I can do a call to assist you