Conformance Reports

One of our Surveyors has asked me to enquire about custom conformance reports for roads. He has found a suitable TML but it is within the ANZ toolbox. Is there anything comparable within Rockpile? If not , is it possible to create something similar. Below is two you tube links showcasing the ANZ TMLs


Do you have the outputs of the reports you can share


Hi Alan,

My Surveyor could only do screensnip of the video posted earlier. We’ll see if we can get a trial version of ANZ so we can detail better for you.

Looking at this we can get close with the exception of Thickness and the Cross Fall piece - I know how to do the thickness piece - we just add a second surface selection and then do the Delta to Surface 1 and Delta to surface 2 and the delta between Surface 1 and Surface 2 (to determine the design thickness and then have the Thickness tolerances - we can likely add those values / settings to our Label Points or Point Details Report functions.

The Cross Fall is being computed as what? if we pick as built points and Surface 1 and Surface 2 and the Alignment - what is the cross fall being compared to and how is it being computed - if a point lies in “mid pavement” we can determine the pavement surface slope at the point but what is the slope at the point derived from - do we also have an As Built Surface to derive that from. If the point is on a breakline eg Edge of pavement then the slope could be the pavement or the shoulder depending on where it is measured exactly - if we are being asked to compute it from something else - I would need to know how that would be derived if important.

The header data I am sure we can add to the report as that is just the settings in use for the report and an analysis of what was reported - I did all this for SCS900 / Siteworks years ago in the Excel Reporter so I am pretty sure we can create this no problem once I know how each of the XFALL values are derived.


Here is the best I can generate right now

This is from the Label Points process

This is from Point Details Report

The formatting of the report, addition of the header and the extra parameters is likely a day of work for the dev team is my guess once we know what the Left / Right refers to (seems like there is another reference line (not the alignment) and how you want the XFALL data computed etc.