Copy from Clipboard

Is this something that TBC could handle natively now or would some backend plumbing need to be put into place? This would be a fantastic addition to help with drafting and deliverable preparation.

Drafting - Place/Insert images from clipboard

Something that would be very useful when drafting would be the ability to place or insert clipboard images. I use this quite a bit when preparing deliverables. I will use screen shots from 3D views and sometimes screenshots of specs that I want to reference. Today, I typically do this type of work in Bluebeam because it is easier but there is no reason I can’t do this in TBC because TBC does support images.

*You can do this by taking a screenshot, saving the screen shot as an image, and then importing the screen shot but this takes a bunch of extra steps that other programs handle natively pretty smoothly, like C3D and Bluebeam. Autodesk Viewer | Free Online File Viewer *

The link has a demo project and a video showing this workflow in TBC and in various other programs. Transfer - Dropbox

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It is on my list Pat